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Montreal  Canoe Trip on the French River

This Canadian Heritage River route was used by Champlain in 1613 and continuously during the fur trade era. A scenic piece of Canadian history located north of Parry Sound. We put in close to Lake Nipissing and follow the wide river to Georgian Bay. We travel in a 34 foot (11m) Montreal Canoe, a replica of a Hudson’s Bay Company canoe. Enjoy the experience with seven to ten other paddlers in the same boat.

This is a scenic piece of Canadian history suitable for the 34-foot  (11 m) replica of a Voyageur Canoe with our crew of up to eight paddlers.  We put in close to Lake Nipissing and paddle west to Georgian Bay camping on good sites with excellent swimming in clear water.  With everyone in the same boat, the paddling is easy and it is great fun.  Four paddlers in the stern and four in the bow with the gear in the middle, the canoe can be fast in the wide river or we can relax in the beautiful July weather. 

Canada South Outdoors supplies all the group camping gear – canoe(s) and paddling equipment, tents, canoe packs, stoves, fuel and kitchen gear, food, maps, leadership and all the logistics.  You may even wish to use some of your own equipment if it is suitable.  The trip leader, Gordon Haggert is a certified Canoe Tripping Instructor, having travelled on the French River many times.   We supply a list of personal items to bring and other important information to know.   Your contact at home will have a detailed itinerary from when we leave and when we return. 

Note: All our trips and responsibilities are priced from the put-in to the take-out.  However, most trippers will want to pool in cars to travel to and from the trip area and will share expenses. 

All equipment provided


Trippers usually pool their vehicles for travel and share driving expenses.  Price is all inclusive from the put-in to the take-out.
Contact Canada South Outdoors and/or send the three documents with your $25.00 deposit.

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